Jibin Baby, PhD (jbaby@ncsu.edu)
Postdoctoral Research Scholar.
My primary research focuses on the agritourism sector, emphasizing the visitors’ motivation and behavior. I also lead research with agritourism operators investigating food safety practices and service quality. Along with primary research focusing on agritourism, I have conducted research on topics related to festivals and events, risk management, and optimism bias.

Carla Barbieri, PhD (carla_barbieri@ncsu.edu)
PRTM Professor in Sustainable Tourism.
I founded and lead the Agritourism & Societal Well-being lab. My main research line focuses on farm entrepreneurial diversification, especially related to agritourism development. I also conduct studies on the socio-cultural aspects of niche tourism. I teach at the undergraduate (Sustainable Tourism) & graduate (Advanced Theories and Leisure Research) levels. I am also a specialist of the Tourism Extension team.