Sara Brune (
Doctoral Candidate & Research Assistant (Co-advised by Dr. Knollenberg).
I am interested in the potential of tourism to contribute to innovative sustainability solutions. I am investigating the connections between agritourism, education and policy to promote resiliency in food systems. I have a bachelor’s degree from Zamorano University (Honduras) in Rural Development, and a master’s degree in Agro-Ecology and Social Change from Wageningen University (The Netherlands). In my spare time, I like to swim, run, practice yoga, and discover new places and cultures.

Claudia Gil Arroyo (
Doctoral Student & Research Assistant (Co-advised by Dr. Knollenberg).
I have a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management from Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola in Peru, and a master’s in Parks, Recreation and Tourism from University of Missouri. I am interested in the use of tourism as a tool for sustainable community development, specially in indigenous communities. I have research experience in agritourism, community-based tourism and food tourism. My current research is focused on craft-beverage tourism and its role in community development.

Carla Barbieri, PhD (
PRTM Professor in Sustainable Tourism.
I founded and lead the Agritourism & Societal Well-being lab. My main research line focuses on farm entrepreneurial diversification, especially related to agritourism development. I also conduct studies on the socio-cultural aspects of niche tourism. I teach at the undergraduate (Sustainable Tourism) & graduate (Advanced Theories and Leisure Research) levels. I am also a specialist of the Tourism Extension team.