Our lab team is also involved in extension and outreach efforts, mostly focused on Agritourism. We are committed to address the needs of agritourism providers, seeking to enhance rural well-being. Our team specifically focuses on assisting farmers in successfully developing agritourism to respond to their needs and entrepreneurial motivations.

Please visit the NC Tourism Extension webpage to learn about other outreach activities of the tourism faculty.

Read Carla’s note to the Next Generation of Women Tourism Scholars.
In Correia, A. & Dolnicar, S. (eds.), Women’s Voices in Tourism Research – Contributions to Knowledge and Letters to the Next Generation [book chapter]. The University of Queensland.

Our Videos & Podcasts

Cultivating the future of agritourism: Keynote (30 minutes) delivered at the International Workshop on Agritourism, Burlington, Vermont (September 2022) [Video Link]

Agritourism in North Carolina: A 5-minute educational video about the impact of agritourism on visitors’ knowledge and the preservation of rural heritage (November 2020; by Justin Moore, NC State) [Video Link]

North Carolina Women in Agritourism: A 10-minute educational video to increase public awareness of the role of women in agriculture and the benefits of agritourism to rural societies (2017; by Meredith Browne, See it All) [Video Link]

Voices of North Carolina’s Women in Agritourism: A series of four short videos (2.5-minute each) where women farmers highlight one key message for their success in agritourism (2017; by Meredith Browne, See it All):

  • Leading not following: Know your customers – Mandie Boahn, Raised in a Barn Farm [Video Link]
  • Building connections: Make yourself at home – Sandra Sarlinga, Piemonte Farm [Video Link]
  • Getting involved: Take a seat at the table – Tina Gross, Gross Farms [Video Link]
  • Educating the public: Show them what it takes [Video Link]

Agritourism: Heading Out to the Farm: A podcast to learn how industry leaders and farmers are planning to for the Fall 2020 season during COVID-19. (August 2020; by Dee Shore, NC State).

Our Technical Reports & Fact Sheets

  • Visitor profiles inform the development of oyster tourism in North Carolina (2023) [Link]
  • Strategies to strengthen agritourism in North Carolina’s western region (2022) [Link]
  • Growing Together: Agricultural and Environmental Education (2021) [Link]
  • Creciendo Juntos: La Educación Agrícola y Ambiental (2021) [Link]
  • Cultivating Local Foods Consumers: Using Agritourism to Promote Local Foods (2021) [Link]
  • Creating the perfect blend: Community resources needed to support a sustainable craft beverage industry (2019) [Link]
  • Success of women in agritourism: She will get what she wants (2018) [Link]
  • North Carolina women’s success in agritourism: Turning challenges into opportunities (2016) [Link]
  • Social relationships between wineries and local communities (2016) [Link]
  • Are neighbors benefiting from wine tourism development? (2016) [Link]
  • How beneficial is agritourism? NC farmers and residents respond (2014) [Link]
  • Agritourism, Farm Visits, Agro-Tourism — Oh My! (2012) [Link]
  • Recreational storm chaser study report (2010) [Link]
  • The economic benefits of agritourism in Missouri farms (2010) [Link]
  • Agritourism in Missouri: A profile of farms by visitor numbers (2010) [Link]
  • Profiling the South Farm Showcase attendees: A marketing report (2010) [Link]
  • A preliminary assessment of agritourism in Missouri (2009) [Link]/font>