We have a great and vibrant research team! Our current and past student members excel in their dedication and commitment to our research projects! Visit the Bios Page to learn more about our current lab members. And please, feel free to email them if you have any questions about their experiences working in our lab.

Our Current Team Members

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Our Graduated Team Members

Claudia Gil Arroyo, PhD
Lima, Peru (2022)

Sara Brune, PhD
Tegucigalpa, Honduras (2020)

Ann Savage

Ann Savage, MS
Louisiana, U.S.A. (2018)

Brendali Carrillo, MS
Lima, Peru (2018)

Jing Li, PhD
Shaanxi, China (2017)

Farzana Halim, MS
Dhaka, Bangladesh (2016)

Shuangyu Xu, PhD
Shangrao, China (2014)

Claudia Gil Arroyo, MS (MU)
Lima, Peru (2012)

Jie Gao, MS (MU)
Shenzhen, China (2012)

Sandra Sotomayor, MS (MU)
Lima, Peru (2011)

Yasuharu Katsube, MS (MU)
Ohda Shimane, Japan (2010)

Shuangyu Xu, MS (MU)
Shangrao, China (2010)

Christine Tew, MS (MU)
Missouri, U.S. (2010)

Our Visiting Scholars

Dr. Karina Solha (2016)
U. of Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

Dr. Gu Ming (2014-2015)
Minzu University (Beijing, China)