Our team investigates agritourism and other types of niche -specialized- tourism within the sustainable tourism framework. We also research the multifunctionality of agricultural landscapes from landowners, local residents, and visitors’ perspectives. We conduct our research at the local, national and international levels.

Our Current Projects

Evaluating creative tourism as the shared space for agri-food tourism (USA)
Leader: Jibin Baby

Investigating craft-beverage tourism as a community development tool (NC & USA)
Leader: Claudia Gil Arroyo

Documenting the challenges and opportunities of women in agritourism (NC)
Leaders: Farzana Halim & Ann Savage

Measuring the impact of agritourism on agricultural literacy & local food systems (NC)
Leader: Sara Brune

Key Past Projects
  • Agritourism Associations: A psychosocial assessment of their members (North America). Leader: Jing Li.
  • Caballitos de Totora: The role of tourism in preserving ancestral fishing lifestyles (Huanchaco, Peru). [Team Effort].
  • Tour Leading in South America: Measuring the impact of work environment on the quality of life of tour leaders. Leader: Brendali Carrillo.
  • Moonshine Tourism in NC: Evaluation of the role of tourism in the underground-to-permissible passage of craft-distillers (NC). [Team Effort].
  • Community-based Tourism in Peru: Assessing the sustainability of community-based experiential tourism in the Andes (Peru). Leaders: Sandra Sotomayor & Claudia Gil Arroyo.
  • The Piedmont Wineries Study: A Geospatial & tourism characterization of wine trails and an assessment of residents’ perceptions of local wine tourism (NC). Leader: Shuangyu Xu.
  • Artisanal Oystering & Tourism Development Perceptions of climate change & tourism among artisanal oyster harvesters & merchants (NC). [Team Effort].
  • Recreation on Farms: A Survey: An ontological evaluation of Agritourism for branding purposes (MO, NC). Leader: Claudia Gil Arroyo.
  • Surfing Study (Estudio sobre el Surf): A global examination of surfing as serious leisure (multi-national). Leader: Sandra Sotomayor.
  • The Recreational Value of Agroforestry Landscapes: Assessment of landscapes preferences for Agritourism purposes (MO, PA, TX). Leader: Jie Gao.
  • Perceived Benefits of Natural Settings: Residents perceptions of farmlands & private forests for recreation (MO). Leader: Sandra Sotomayor.
  • Volunteer Tourism in Rwanda: Interrogating the role of project facilitators in volunteer tourism (Rwanda). Leader: Yasuharu Katsube.
  • Missouri Agritourism: Inventorying the offerings & benefits of agritourism farms (MO). Leader: Christine Tew.
  • The Recreational Storm Chasing Study: Motivations, sensation-seeking & performance of recreational storm-chasers (US). Leader: Shuangyu Xu.
  • The Southfarm Showcase: A marketing study of the attractions & performance of an agricultural festival (MO). Leader: Yasuharu Katsube.
  • The Missouri Chestnut Roast: Evaluating the profile, preferences, & behavior of attendees to a festival of culture and agriculture (MO). [Team Effort].